Friday, October 1, 2010

About me

Hello again,

I know I said the second post would be about jonsi's album "go," but I think I would rather star this blog off in a way that would be more enjoyable for me. In these first few days of no readers/viewers I think that I can get away with that.
It's not like these not-followers can hassle me about not posting more content. So here we go, this post is dedicated to me and me telling you all about me, sound fun? sure it does.

I'm an 19 year old who lives in Louisville, Ky. Who doesn't currently go to school or college, sucks i know right?
But i'm having a pretty good time living with my girlfriend, going to grown up parties, and just chilling out.
I like music, movies, and neat shit. Actually many of my blog posts will be dedicated to these things.
I also like cobb houses. a lot. so many posts might be dedicated to those, but also many other things which involves working with your hands and being resourceful. I'm maybe even thinking of an instructable for the day, where I handpick somehting from that i dig right now.
Well i think that's all for now, see ya.

First Post


Pretty bored these days so I made this blog to help fill this void. This blog will be primarily about music i'm digging right now and my opinions and how i feel about it, but will also have moments of daily life posts, things i find neat, and abortions(not so much as just music to have abortions to ).  Well i'm pretty sure that is all for now, my first actual post and my first music post will be coming up shortly, it will be sigur ros's singer jonsi's solo album "go"